Predictail helps you reduce machine downtime

Predictail Hardware Predictail Hardware
Connect Predictail Device to communication bus in your industrial equipment. All data will be send in real time to the cloud. We support CAN, Profibus, Modbus and Ethercat. You can also connect your sensors directly to Predictail Device.
Prediction Algorithms Prediction Algorithms
We collect data in a safe cloud. There, state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms analyse all information 24/7. When our system detects something suspicious you will be notified in seconds.
Web Application Web Application
Access data from your industrial equipment via web browser – anytime, anywhere and from any smartdevice. Readable reports are generated automatically. Browsing data and customizing reports at your service. Remote diagnostics was never so simple.
"I wanted to get a notification when a parameter in our robot will behave differently than usual, which may be a symptom of a future failure. This is exactly how Predictail works."
Jakub Michalski, CEO Versabox
Jakub Michalski, CEO Versabox, Microsoft


Industrial Robots
Predictail supports electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drives, battery management system and sensors in industrial robots.

Small-scale machinery
Predictail can be installed in stationary machinery in factories around the world to monitor all the critical parameters.
Battery systems
Predictail monitors cell parameters to report condition of the battery. Trends detection in charge-discharge series leads to failure prevention.
Electric vehicles
Predictail ensures electric vehicles fleet maintenance. Our hardware supports CANbus protocol to read data from the vehicle.

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